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     Bill Chew Architect offers the following Consultancy Services :

Overseas Consultancy (Doha)

Bill has spent 10 of his 36 year career working at a senior level in design, construction and project management in the Arabian Gulf (mainly in Doha but also in Dubai) over 3 periods. His last recent overseas posting (2009 -2011) was as Chief Architect in Doha for a local practice working on 4 major projects on site at Qatar University (now completed). During this period, he obtained his ‘Category A’ architectural registration in Doha with the MMUP (Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning) which means that he is licenced by the authorities to practice architecture there. Bill also completed the PMP (Project Management Professional) course in 2010. He has many high level contacts in the region (including Arab speaking contacts). He has a wide understanding of the protocols and working practices in the region.

Bill is offering a Consultancy Service to UK practices wishing to set up in Doha to capitalize on the opportunities leading up to the World Cup 2022 and beyond. It is customary for a practice to have had some initial exposure in the region which could be an invitation to participate in a competition. Having achieved this Bill can help to consolidate and develop the practice’s presence in the country including gaining access to high level clients to secure potential new major projects, setting up and managing the office, securing licensing approvals and overseeing projects on site. Without a doubt Qatar will offer UK practices wishing to display their talents there enormous and exciting design and construction opportunities in the coming years. Please contact Bill initially for a confidential discussion of your requirements and he will explain how he can help you.

Cinema Consultancy and Design

Bill Chew Architect has extensive expertise in the design and construction of buildings for entertainment media including cinemas, multiplexes and screening rooms having completed many projects in the UK and abroad since 1990. Projects completed include the BBC Preview Theatre, Ascent Media Screening Room, various projects for Odeon Cinemas, Cineplex at the Dubai Hyatt Regency Hotel, Screening Room at The Picture Production Company, Ritz Belper, Cinema Extension at Apollo Leamington Spa, Wishaw Multiplex, amongst others.

The state of cinema has changed enormously with the advent of digital technology. Even the idea of a boothless cinema is becoming more commonplace these days, thereby freeing up space for retail and hospitality, arguably the more cash generative aspects of a business. Bill has written articles regularly for Cinema Technology and other technical magazines on aspects of cinema technology and design.

Client’s are offered a Cinema Consultancy service which covers feasibility studies, business planning, site selection, architectural design, digital cinema implementation, project procurement and marketing, where relevant. Please contact Bill for a confidential discussion of your ideas and requirements.

Other Services

In addition to the above Bill has acted as Expert Witness for commercial property Clients.

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