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Bill Chew’s experience covers commercial, leisure and residential projects. His main expertise however is in Buildings for Entertainment Media, including cinemas, multiplexes and screening rooms.

Co-ordinating various parties through the building process to satisfy the Client’s brief and requirements require the skills of an experienced project manager. The terms Project Manager, Client’s Representative and Employer’s Agent are often used but these terms are largely dependent on the type of building contract employed.

Bill can act for institutional, international, private or public sector Client’s in the above building types either as Client Representative or Project Manager. If appointed at an early stage of a project a Client Representative can be most effective as he can advise the Client on the most appropriate choices to be made with regard to the business model, site selection issues, consultant selection, design criteria, procurement methods, construction timeframe and quality control.

Over 23 years Bill has developed considerable experience, expertise and knowledge in the design of Buildings for Entertainment Media, an understanding of the operational issues involved including life cycle costs and mitigating risk. On all projects he communicates his beliefs in team working to achieve the final goals of design quality and client satisfaction.

The management service that Bill Chew Architect can offer brings together years of traditional professionalism yet providing high quality design to achieve sustainable developments using the most appropriate procurement methods.

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